Smart Child Plan

The Smart Child Plan is a combined Investment and Risk product. The purpose of this product is to help parents and guardians secure the future education of their children and wards through the combination of an investment plan and a risk benefit which serves as a replacement income in the untimely event of death or disability of the policyholder


You must be between the ages of 18 and 54 at inception to qualify for this policy.


  • Policy has an initial minimum death benefit of GH¢5,000 and maximum death benefit of GH¢50,000.

  • In the event of death of the policyholder before maturity, the policy pays out a combination of the investment value and sum assured (death benefit).

  • Loyalty benefits for policyholders who stay on policy for 15 years or more


  • Term policy: minimum term for this policy is 5 years and the maximum term is 20 years

  • Partial withdrawal up to 50% of investment value allowed after 3 years from sign up

  • Monthly premium payments

  • Inflation Protector to preserve the value of your benefits

  • No waiting period; death benefits paid out immediately once policy is in force

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